Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ye Olde Michael's Hutch

Well I, like a million other dollhousers, had purchased a hutch at Micheal's crafts thinking "what a deal" and then realized that it was no quality piece of furniture. However, I decided not to be lazy as usual and give a try to upgrading it for my kitchen. Cutting off those extra large knobby knobs went a long way to making it more realistic and then I added some spindles left over from the stair railings. I also popped in some acrylic panes in the upper doors, hoping the little dots of glue won't show when dry. The knobs are small glass beads with gold posts through the holes.

I also tried my first book printie. I had some bits of wood that were kind of rough around the edges. I used a small sawblade to cut some grooves to look like pages, painted them gold and stuck the paper cover around it - a fast job - I think I can do better and would love to try an openable one with real pages. The book cover is from Jim's Dollhouse Pages. The Marche de Nuit sheet music is from the Graphics Fairy and the Souvenir violin music is from somewhere out in cyberspace where I found images of music. I can hardly wait to have a piano/harpsichord and violin in my parlour.

Have a super day!


Norma said...

I like what you've done with the hutch - using the stair spindles was a stroke of genius! You mention cutting off the knobs - if you put a bit of water around the base of them with the tip of a small paint brush, leave it for a few mins and then do it again and keep trying to move the knobs until the glue softens you can then pull them out. They might just come in handy somewhere else, and you've got a ready made hole to take the pin of a new knob arrangement - or you can cover it up if you put on some other type of handle.

Lovely little book too.

Catherine said...


The hutch looks great! those spindles really added a lot to the piece!

I love the book and the souvenir. I think that must be the sheet music under it with the lovely old fashioned printing on it.

Everyone must have Photoshop.. but me. :-( I keep seeing all these cool things people made with their printers.

Congratulations everything looks beautiful!!!

Ascension said...

El mueble, lo has dejado precioso!!!
Y el libro de musica, es una maravilla.
besitos ascension

Anneke said...

The hutch looks great now! Very cute! I know what you mean, euromini furniture often has the same problem but with a bit of creative effort you can turn it into a real nice piece, and you did a wonderfull job! It looks antique and classy!
I also love the balcony railing you did in the previous post, it looks so good!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

You've made that Michael's hutch look amazing! I have a couple kicking around -- you inspire me to try to make something of them! Love the books and music, too.

synnøve said...

O' yes this is absolutely inspiring, and very beautiful!!!
The hutch look great and very life size, specially in the first picture!!!
Your pictures are very good to, great light!!
Enjoy your weekend Cynthia

Tallulah Belle said...

The hutch looks amazing....nothing like a Michaels one now :-)

The book and music are really good as well.


The furniture is wonderful! but love me the decanter with glasses, bread rolls and those that say eat me! I've left an award on my blog. A kiss!

dora said...

His works are fantastic.
A carmen hug.

Margaret said...

The hutch looks wonderful, it is amazing what a little extra moulding can do. The book and sheet music look lovely on your chair too,