Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Woke up to a blizzard yesterday (that's MAY 4th!) and it snowed about 8 inches! Good thing we hadn't put out our usual spring planters of flowers yet. Please feel sorry for me....;-) I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - sniff!
I would have posted this yesterday, but my camera was having technical difficulties - almost had a heart attack as I depend on it for various work and play activities.

Still working on cutting shingles in between busy work days. I'm also painting some pieces of furniture for the bedroom (mini, that is) and giving them many coats. I'll need some new findings to make the doorknobs I want for the wardrobe, so heaven knows when I'll get that shopping done.

Have a great day, everyone - enjoy your bloomin' flowers and think of me!


Norma said...

OMG - I DO feel sorry for you Cynthia - I feel bad too now for complaining that I had to put a jumper on lastnight when the sun went down - first for the autumn/winter season.

The snow does make a pretty picture tho! :)

Merry Jingle said...

I really feel sorry for you, we don't have it that bad here, it just raining although yesterday morning the rain turned into snow but it melted right away. I just fear for my fritillaria as they have all the buds visible already and I don't want them to freeze!

Hope you get some warm sunny days soon :)


The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Oh no! I feel your pain, Cynthia, really I do. The weather has been totally freaky, in every direction, this year. We're having this really odd Spring -- we haven't had snow for months, and everything's blooming and the GARDEN CENTRES ARE OPENING! Truly weird. And yet they've had snow in Newfoundland, and you've just been hammered. Nothing makes any sense, anymore, ant it's not just because I'm getting old :)

Stay tough, stay Canadian and the damned stuff will melt ... :)

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Thanks ladies! You've perked up my day.

Susan said...

So that's where my beloved winter weather has gone to! Please smack it's behind and send it Downunder where it belongs.


Margaret said...

It does look very pretty Cynthia, but I do sympathise, I can't take the cold weather, it is just arriving in Australia, but never that cold, except on the highest mountains and parts of Tassie, where I'm from originally. Brrrrrrr!

Catherine said...

Oh Cynthia... What a disappointment. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this mess. Maybe you could find what you need online and let the mail man bring it to your door.

Later, during the summer, when it is 105 degrees F and the humidity is at 95 percent (here), you will be enjoying lovely days where you can go out side and breathe. I will be locked inside until the second week in Oct. with the air conditioning on.