Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Prize and a Suprise!

This is the miniature book I won in Dangerous Mezzo's recent giveaway. You can visit her at http://tudordollhouse.blogspot.com/ or http://dangerousmezzo.artfire.com. This book is of French fashion plates from 1852 - perfect for my Second Empire house! It has a lovely silky bookmark and a soft leather cover.

...and there was an added suprise! This lovely painting is from the artist Ingres from the same time period. Thanks Nina for the thought, time and work that went into this - I'll display them proudly.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

60+ Followers !!

I'm so thrilled to have you all visiting my blog! I'm not very good at acknowledging you individually but you are all much appreciated nevertheless. I have seen many of your blogs and will eventually get around to visiting all of them - so many talented and creative people. I love this opportunity to "visit" people from all over the world with shared interests - to see things from a different perspective and find out a little about what life is like for others - this is truly turning out to be an enriching experience for me!
Welcome and we'll talk again soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ye Olde Michael's Hutch

Well I, like a million other dollhousers, had purchased a hutch at Micheal's crafts thinking "what a deal" and then realized that it was no quality piece of furniture. However, I decided not to be lazy as usual and give a try to upgrading it for my kitchen. Cutting off those extra large knobby knobs went a long way to making it more realistic and then I added some spindles left over from the stair railings. I also popped in some acrylic panes in the upper doors, hoping the little dots of glue won't show when dry. The knobs are small glass beads with gold posts through the holes.

I also tried my first book printie. I had some bits of wood that were kind of rough around the edges. I used a small sawblade to cut some grooves to look like pages, painted them gold and stuck the paper cover around it - a fast job - I think I can do better and would love to try an openable one with real pages. The book cover is from Jim's Dollhouse Pages. The Marche de Nuit sheet music is from the Graphics Fairy and the Souvenir violin music is from somewhere out in cyberspace where I found images of music. I can hardly wait to have a piano/harpsichord and violin in my parlour.

Have a super day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Balcony Railing Done

(p.s. the crooked one has now been straightened out - it's amazing how revealing pictures can be. :-o)