Friday, August 27, 2010

The Library Grows!

Been trying to learn to make books lately. With each one I try a new material or technique. I now have a wood block one, a couple leather ones, and some cloth covered ones, some with real pages that don't open and one that's laying open and can't close.

The redish one on the top is leather - I tried to paint some gold decoration on it. Maybe I'll have a steadier hand with the next one ;-) The open one is a journal with hand written pages in French that I found on the internet.

And - yay! - they fit on my tiny bookshelves!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vanity...a work in progress

I've been working on my vanity. I'm not satisfied with it yet, but thought I'd share my progress. I'm also working on taking better photos, so I think I did better than my last post. I found a couple of websites with tips on photographing miniatures. Basically, I had the right settings - my main problem is keeping the camera still so there's no blurriness.
The beauty of photos is they really get you up close to see what the final product is. I'm really happy with the perfume bottles I've made - not so happy with the chunkiness of the tray, mirror and comb (and the ring - cute eh? but still too big like for those big fat "Barbie" fingers). I'll update you as I find (or make) improvements for these elements. Isn't the old bride photo neat? I got it from the Graphics Fairy, and the details are quite clear even in this small size - I love it.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Wining!

Not doing too much mini-ing lately...I'm sure at my best I would have trouble keeping up with all you talented and productive miniaturists, but I sure enjoy your inspirations!
I am, however, quite proud of my little wine-bottling venture today. I had purchased three plain and empty wine bottles as I thought it would be fun to fill and label them myself. The pharmacist gave me a funny look when I told her what I wanted the syringe for, but who cares - it was worth it :-) These bottles are filled with real red wine, stoppered with a blob o' glue, and wrapped with tin foil (which I'm thinking I'll paint gold). Size-wise I think the bottles are a little too small and my wine glasses are a bit too big, but when I compared the difference to a 1:1 glass and bottle it wasn't too bad. I will however, be getting more bottles so I can try a little bit bigger and see how that goes.
Anyhoo, I also did some flowers from bits and bobs from Micheal's fake plant department (and used the cap off my syringe for a "frosted glass" vase! :-)

Have a great day!