Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick and Easy Roses
(ya, it's cheatin')

Remember the roses I had in my flower basket in the last post? I bought packages of these in the beginning stages of dollhouse building and later realized they are too big and not especially realistic. Well, I was looking at them today and could see a smaller better rose just crying to get out. :) Sooooo... here is a little how-to on renovating your Michael's (or other similar) packaged flowers.

The original flower.

Use tweezers or jewellery pliers to gently remove the greenery and as many layers of petals as you wish. Try to keep the greenery intact to re-use. The more petals you remove the more like a bud it will be.

Here are the resulting bits.

Cut out a bit like this with the middle hole intact.

Slide the new smaller greens back onto the stem and glue it to the underside of the rose... so.

From the leftover green stuff cut out one or two (or more) little leaf-like shapes.

...and glue them to the stem.

Voila! Looks much better, eh?
Saves me yet another trip to Michael's to buy flower making supplies, 'cuz heaven knows what all I'd come home with and spend another boatload of money on my silly little hobby...


TINK - SONIA said...

Wow,the roses are so real now,great work,I like it so much.Miniregards.

Anthoula said...

That was very creative!
Great work!

Norma Bennett said...

The 'new' version is really lovely, in the pic they look like dried roses - REAL ones :) This is a great tip, thanks!

Susanne said...

I like this version! Tjank you fo the tip..

Unknown said...

Cynthia,you saved your self money,being this clever! The roses look more realistic this way...good job!

Carol Kubrican said...

Great idea! I've seen these roses before and I'm always tempted to pick them up. Now I'll know exactly what to do with them. Thank you for sharing.

Tiny Delights said...

Great work!
Thank´s for sharing.

minwks said...

Dear Cynthia, Yes, I must echo the other comments. The roses look to be in scale and realistic. A great success .... they will wonder at Michaels why all the fuss about their roses all of a sudden!
Also I am grateful for the "how to" tips to tuck away in the mini memory bank.
Regards Janine

elizabeth s said...

Hello Cynthia, I have purchased bunches of the Michael's roses which have been sitting dormant now for some time. As pretty as they are they ARE too big. Now I know what to do to make them usable! Thank you for the step by step!