Monday, July 12, 2010

More HOM Kits Done...

Well, I've been quite unproductive this last month...hard to find the energy for starting new projects sometimes - small as they may be. However, once started it's easy to get caught back up into it,
n'est pas?

Here are a few furniture pieces I've put together from House of Miniatures kits.
This is a little serving table that I think works well as a small desk for the library. I fashioned an inkwell from a couple of beads and a miniature feather pen which miraculously popped out of my sofa pillow last night. :-)

Here's a closed book shelf unit which sits on top of the cabinet I had already made. The one book I have is too big to go on the shelf so I need to make the next ones smaller, along with more thingamajigs to fill the shelves with.

I've also made a large queen anne table with a marble (real!) top. I painted it to match the bedroom furniture and it will be the vanity to place in the hall between the bedroom and bathroom, which will serve as a dressing area.

I'm quite proud of the little upholstered bench I made to go along with it - again from wood scraps left over from the house build, including stair spindles for legs.

Once again I need "stuff" to put on top of it, but I have started making a bit of jewellery, perfume bottles, etc. I want to hang the mirror on the wall but it's quite heavy and I'm not sure the putty will hold it - any ideas? How do you hang your pictures, etc. on the walls?

Have a happy day!


Flora said...

Cynthia dear, I really like the furniture you've done, especially the desk. The color is beautiful! I hang mirrors and pictures with Loctite super glue when I'm very sure of not having to move more. I do not like much change :-)
Mini Kisses, flora

Catherine said...

I love furniture kits! Those are some really nice pieces.
How nice of your sofa pillow to offer you a quill for your desk.

Iris said...

Beautiful furniture and a mirror is gorgeous!

Irene said...

Little kits are very satisfying, aren't they? The one's you've made up look good and the little stool is ideal. I use blu tac for mirrors and pictures (don't know if you can get that). They slide down the walls if it gets too warm when I use tacky wax!

Margaret said...

You have actually been quite busy and I like the kits you have made up. Annoying that you books won't fit into the bookcase the shelves must be very narrow. Book making will be your next project perhaps?

contar said...

son preciosos la verdad es que a realizado un gran trabajo, el escritorio me gusta muchísimo
un abrazo

otterine said...

I especially like that desk and chair! Very nice work.

Jennifer Hatt said...

I love what you have done with the hom kits, so how did you get the marble top?

I belong to greenleaf and was very happy to come across your blog as I have seen your beacon there and love it.

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Hello, "Looking Glass" - so glad to meet you. I saw your Stone House and will watch it's progress with interest (and envy, as some of the bashes you're doing are ones I thought would be great - after the fact of course ;-) The table kit actually came with the marble top! I had to fight for it a bit on EBay.