Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vanity...a work in progress

I've been working on my vanity. I'm not satisfied with it yet, but thought I'd share my progress. I'm also working on taking better photos, so I think I did better than my last post. I found a couple of websites with tips on photographing miniatures. Basically, I had the right settings - my main problem is keeping the camera still so there's no blurriness.
The beauty of photos is they really get you up close to see what the final product is. I'm really happy with the perfume bottles I've made - not so happy with the chunkiness of the tray, mirror and comb (and the ring - cute eh? but still too big like for those big fat "Barbie" fingers). I'll update you as I find (or make) improvements for these elements. Isn't the old bride photo neat? I got it from the Graphics Fairy, and the details are quite clear even in this small size - I love it.



Catherine said...

It's a really good photo! I hope you will share the web site that helped you take better pictures of miniatures.
Your vanity looks great! I love the perfume bottles you made. They are the best ones I have ever seen. They don't look like beads at all they are very, very nice!!! The labels on them are perfect.

Annie Fryd said...

I love the vanity collection and think you did a great job with the photo. The light is soft and warm. Just the way I like it. I too have a problem keeping the camera still, then I just take a lot of pics and then delete the blurry ones.

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies! Catherine, the two websites I checked out regarding photos of minis are:
I think I need to invest in a little tripod! :-)

Ascension said...

Has conseguido unas fotos preciosas!!!
El conjunto es maravilloso!!!
Me encantan los botecitos de perfume, estan tan reales!!
besitos ascension

Flora said...

Oh Cynthia, a set is beautiful!
Whatever you used, do not recognize the "original" function of pieces ...
The picture seems good: if you use the macro, you should mount the camera on a tripod because the target remains open for longer and is sensitive to any slight movement.
Unfortunately I know how difficult is to photograph the inside of the small rooms ...
Mini hugs, Flora

Unknown said...

Good photo!!! It is realy difficult to make good pics of tiny items, like the ring!

I lov the bottles and other beautiful minis on the table!


Susanne said...

Great vanity, Cynthia. I use the same tecnique as Annie, taking lots of pictures, and I prefer to use extra light an no blitz, that gives the best colours, I think.
Love, Susanne

Irene said...

It's a lovely little arrangement - I especially like the bottle with the spray and the photo is so good. I'm like Annie - snap away and keep the best ones!

Mina Gouldsamadiner said...

Lovely,lovely items.Have you really made them yourself?I think they are just adorable the whole of it.I have just started this hobby and find so much inspiration and so much fun to share.
I´ll be back.

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Kicki, welcome to my blog! You'll find many many inspirations and ideas...some of the best coming from the talented ladies who commented above. Welcome to the addictive miniature world! Cynthia

PAKY said...

wonderful minis, parfums are lovely!