Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Books and some Teeeny Tiiiny Tiles

I've continued with the book making little by little and here are the results. In the end (as if there could be an end), I think my favorite method is to print book printies onto printable fabric, give it a thin coat of modge podge and then glue a front a back cover cut from cardstock. I tried using parchment for the pages (browned in the toaster oven), and also plain paper pages with a gold edging. They both work very well.

I also made a trip to Micheal's on the long weekend and found these amazing little (5mm) pearly tiles. I just HAD to find a place to stick 'em. I think they'll make a nice "backsplash" in my kitchen cupboard. These come in about 4 different colors and one size larger too.

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Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Cynthia the books look just great, how did you get the paper so straight! Luckily I only make for the witch and wizard houses so mine can be uneven and burnt but yours are so straight! What does toasting the parchment do? Kate xx

Unknown said...

Parece que con los libros has disfrutado haciendolos. Yo he disfrutado mucho viendolos :) Te han salido muy bien y muy elegantes.
Esos ladrillitos nacarados son ideales, es cierto que en ese armario quedan muy bien.
Besos Clara

Irene said...

The books look great - I love the idea of printing on the fabric, it gives a lovely texture. Thanks for the tip.

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Kate, I cut my pages with a scrapbooking paper cutter and try to get them all as close in size as possible. Then I bundle them together, align them and glue one edge of the pile with white glue while they are all clipped together. If I've cut parchment (baking) paper, I then lay all the little pages out on a cookie sheet and bake them in my toaster oven - they turn a nice antique looking yellowy-brown color and you can make them as light or dark as you want. I know there is gal in our mini blog community who posted these instructions, but I can't remember who it was. If anyone knows (or you are she) please comment on it here. Unfortunately, I don't know how to print on parchment paper as it is so thin and jams the printer.

Norma Bennett said...

Fabric book covers is a fab idea Cynthia! I've never thought of using fabric to cover books - but I will definately try it, I really like the look you've got with yours. Thanks for the tip :)

Those tiny little tiles were a good find, they must be incredibly small.

Catherine said...

The books do look great!!! I love the fabric idea. I have lots of old 1:1 books that are covered in it.
WOW those tiles are teeny. What a wonderful find!

Catherine said...
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Alennka said...

I would never have thought of printing the book covers on fabric, but when you think about it the advantages of doing this over printing on paper are so obvious! Thanks for the tip, I'll definately be trying it next time I need to make some books!

Gonda's miniature said...

Wonderful all those projects you make very nice with lot's of details.

miniaturista said...

Se te dá muy bien hacer libros, son preciosos.
Un abrazo

Awesomediydollcraft said...

OMG you blog has so much valuable information on it I actually didn't know where to start i tried one first the I saw something else that i wanted to read if that make sense lol