Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shell Construction of Beacon Hill Dollhouse

Hmm - a big box full of sheets of wood and paper - I wonder what I've gotten myself into here (?)

Hey, it kinda looks like a house! It's very exciting to see all the parts come together from a bunch of pieces that don't seem to make sense.

Six rooms and three hallways - I'll have to find something to fill them up with...

Well, the stairs are in after a battle assembling, painting and making them fit in the spaces. I'm not sure how happy I am with them, but I'll ponder it while I forge ahead with the next step.

The parts of the roof are clamped on while the glue dries...I'm not so good at waiting. :-(

The porch posts have come together and everything actually lines up.

The shell is done! Now for all the finishing details...doors, windows, paint, siding, etc. Whew - this could take a long time. Wish me luck! Thanks for looking and stay posted for next steps.

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Norma Bennett said...

A box full of wood and paper sheets indeed! The whole idea of kits scares me to death, whether it's houses, furniture, flowers or whatever. But then I think scratch building can't be any less stressful... Maybe all miniaturists are just a little crazy ;)