Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, I have started to work on the Beacon Hill once again. I have ordered a bunch of building components and starting installing them. These include a curved staircase for the main floor and a straight one for the second floor, some railing and newel posts, and some interior doors. I have decided to partake in what my learned fellow mini enthusiasts call "kit bashing", which involves taking a kit with specific instructions, and not following them. Heehee. Here's what I've done:

First I removed the old stairs - too rough for me.
Here is the new staircase - nice eh? Can't take credit for this one!

Then, I cut a larger opening in the second floor hallway to accomodate the new curved stairs - don't want the little folks bumping their heads on the ceiling!

I cut the middle wall out of the first floor between the hall and the living room to make one grand room. The stairs will sit on the left front of this picture.

Then I decided to put in doors inside - French doors to be exact. Here on the left you see the one I'm putting in the bedroom and across the hall will be the bathroom, both on the third floor. This was open to the hallway, so I needed to put in a doorframe/wall.

Here is the doorframe put in and glued, and below with the double panel door fitted in.

I've also put a double french door in the big room on the second floor.

Here is the whole interior with doors installed - I need to get an extra narrow one for the second floor kitchen, and I found one - yay! I'll now have to remove them for painting, flooring, wallpapering, etc. Thanks for visiting!

For any of you who are interested in seeing what others are doing mini-wise I recommend the following blog. I am now a member here and enjoying conversations with others with this "obsession".

My codename there is cjme63 and you can view my gallery and posts there as well.


Geo.Epp said...

Cynthia; Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Be careful, the "obsession" might just develop into an itch to become a developer of the full-sized variety.

Catherine said...

Welcome back to blogland!!! I have missed you. :-) Beacon Hill is a big project. It is going to be fun to watch you work on it.